Mega events:

One of the biggest cryptocurrencies conferences in the world.



We bring together investors and traders from all over the world in one place, providing a great exchange of information and stimulating productive relationships.



The events have lectures and workshops that aim to inform and empower the economy of cryptocurrency



From the West to the East, events take place all over the world, in strategic cities, meeting places and technology.


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Las Vegas

May 2019


August 2019

Punta Cana

September 2019

We are an innovation of environment and networking.

Creating the perfect environment for interpersonal relationships among the investors and traders of the cryptocurrency universe is our mission.
Share, learn, develop in our meetings.


South Africa

September 2019


October 2019


November 2019


November 2019

Stay tuned for upcoming events

CX promotes mega events around the world, check here where and when it will happen and come be with us, sharing your knowledge and expanding your horizons.


CX - Punta Cana

This natural paradise was chosen to be the stage of the first CX Starts. The event happened on December 12nd to 14th 2018 and already had an expressive public learning with our investors and experiencing an unique time in the beautiful Republica Dominicana.

FEBRUARY 2019 CX Academy Miami

CX Academy - Miami

The incredible southern city of the United States will receive CX Academy training! Do not miss the opportunity to visit sunny Florida.

MARCH 2019 CX Academy Cartagena

CX Academy - Cartagena

Colombia, Cartagena! In March, you will also be visited by the Academy and we will certainly make an incredible event for everyone present.

MARCH 2019 CX Academy Cancun

CX Academy - Cancun

As a major tourist and entertainment pole, Cancun couldn't stay out of the CX tour. In August 2019 the mega event will also be in Mexico.

APRIL 2019 CX Stars Dubai

CX Stars - Dubai

Dubai is a reference city in development, technology and innovation. Beside to be one of the most incredible cities in the world, Dubai will also stage the second CX Starts.

APRIL 2019 CX Academy Peru

CX Academy - Peru

Great training and personal development event will happen on this date in Peru! do not stay out of it!

APRIL 2019 CX Academy Panama

CX Academy - Panama

Panama is already accustomed to receiving big events like this one, and this time it will not be different! To end the year of a world tour, CX will be in the wonderful city of Panama! And for this great year-end event, unique surprises will be announced!

MAY 2019 CX Stars Hong Kong

CX Stars - Hong Kong

Expansion! Hong Kong will receive a CX Stars for the first time! It will surely be an incredible event! Your presence is essential.

MAY 2019 CX Academy Orlando

CX Academy - Orlando

Orlando will once again host a great CX event! Besides great parks and a wonderful weather, come to Orlando to learn more and develop in CX!

October 2019 CX Stars Bangkok

CX Stars - Bangkok

Temples, palaces and quiet parks stand out among the hustle and bustle from Bangkok streets! This perfect destination is now part of our CX tour.

JUNE 2019 CX Academy South Africa

CX Academy - South Africa

One of Earth's havens will host CX Academy! In July, we will arrive in Africa with a lot of content and learning!

JULY 2019 CX Stars Jerusalem

CX Stars - Jerusalem

A historic and holy temple will host CX Stars in 2019! Come and see Jerusalem and be a part of our Stars event!

AUGUST 2019 CX Academy Las Vegas

CX Academy - Las Vegas

Wonderful Las Vegas! A place that exudes hope, fun and joy will also receive, once again, CX!

SEPTEMBER 2019 CX Stars Macau

CX Stars - Macau

China will host a super event this year! CX Stars in Macau!

SEPTEMBER 2019 CX Stars Punta Cana

CX Stars - Punta Cana

On September, we will return to the first city that received CX. The wonderful Punta Cana will once again be the stage of one of the biggest events in the world.

An experience in cryptocurrency.

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